This pose will help you develop awareness of your postural tendencies.

  • In bare feet, stand on a yoga mat or the floor with feet parallel and together or hip-width apart, arms at your sides or at heart’s center.
  • Reflect on your feet and how your body weight is distributed. Without lifting the soles of your feet off the floor, lean slightly forward, backward and side to side to move your body weight until you bring it to center.
  • Moving your attention up the body, observe that your hips are stacked over ankles and shoulders over hips. Move your chin back so that your head is balanced on the spine. Strive to find balance using as little muscle strength as possible to stand.
  • Imagine that a string is pulling you up from the crown of your head. Notice if you’re slouching and stand up straighter, without over-engaging any muscles such as your glutes.

Change it up: Close your eyes and notice how your balance changes. Or try doing the pose in front of a mirror and compare how you feel with how straight and even you look.