The average person has about a 40% chance of experiencing some sort of sciatica pain in their lives. It may not cause chronic pain, but it could start with tingling in your legs or weakness in your knees. But sure to seek professional medical assistance at the on-set of symptoms.

It occurs mostly in people 30 to 50 years of age, due to the wear and tear of the lower spinal column and/or muscular tension deep in the buttocks, resulting from a lifetime of habitual patterns.

Hamstring stretches play an important role in relieving sciatic pain, because tight hamstrings can gang up with a tight piriformis to constrict the vulnerable sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain caused by a tightening of the hamstrings and surrounding muscles often comes from activities such as driving for long periods, especially when the car seat encourages a slumped or rounded posture, or during other activities. In these cases, take a rest stop or a break, and try doing some hamstring stretches.

Starting position: Sit on the edge of a chair with your good leg bent. Put the leg to be stretched out in front of you with the knee very slightly bent knee straight and gently lean forward until a stretch is felt behind you knee/thigh. Action: Lean forwards (keeping your back straight and your head up) until you feel a stretch in the back of your thigh. Hold for 30 secs

Repetition: Repeat 3 times, 2x daily, or before and after exercise

Note: Remember, when you do hamstring stretches for knee pain, you should feel it in the middle of the thigh rather than behind the knee – bending the leg slightly helps to achieve this.