Everyone would like to age with as much strength and beauty as possible and now multiple studies confirm what we have known for a long time: the practice of yoga has a remarkable impact on physical and mental health - and spiritual well-being - as we grow older. Yoga is an empowering resource in which to carry, within us, for a lifetime.

Psychologically and emotionally, Seniors can experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Memory can decline, balance can be impaired, and with that, our sense of self can suffer. It is imperative that we remember our soul – that spirit inside us that is still very much alive and responsive, despite what nature is trying to take away. Yoga not only helps with physical flexibility; it fosters a positive outlook on all things in life and opens up our inner receptors to healing. Yoga embodies mindful living and longevity. It nourishes our minds, bodies, and spirits. Its power is relentless and beauty endless.