Mountain pose or in Sanskrit, “Tadasana” is literally standing still and one of the first poses yoga students will learn. As the name suggests, this pose brings you the grounding and firmness of a mountain. Mountain Pose is an essential starting point for several other standing yoga postures, such as Sun Salutations or the Suryanamaskara.


Feet parallel, hip distance apart, legs straight, knees unlocked.

Slowly lift the arms above the head until they are parallel next to the ears; palms facing each other.
Reach up high with the hands, gently stretching the torso and lengthening the spine.
Pelvis in a neutral position, with a slight tuck of the tailbone in to flatten the lower back.

Relax the hands and shoulders.
Allow the breath to flow calm and softly, surrendering into the pose.

Slowly and gradually move the arms with awareness down beside the body, without the hands touching each other, relaxing the shoulders with an exhalation.


– Stretches and loosens the spinal column.
– Stretches the rectus, abdominal muscles and intestines.
– Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles.
– Frees the spinal nerves.
– Improves posture.

– Activates the Heart Chakra.
– Increases blood flow and energy in the forearms and hands.

– Gives lightness and detachment to the mind.
– Gives a surrendered attitude in the performance.