As we age our bodies can often feel like something we have to carry around with us... like a separate part of us is getting heavier or slower, yet on the inside we don't necessarily feel this way.

One of the greatest benefits of yoga for seniors is that it helps us to reconnect with our bodies. Beyond just quieting the mind and reducing stress, yoga helps us understand where our aches and pains are and gives us the assistance we need to feel better. That connection to our bodies is so important to aging well, so we can continue exploring new passions in life!


Join Debbie on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. for on-line Senior yoga class!

Remember, Senior Yoga is not just for seniors! It’s a great practice for anyone that wants more gentle movement or even someone who's recovering from an injury. All are welcome!

For more information regarding Chair Yoga for Seniors, Senior Yoga or upcoming Senior Yoga Certification trainings, contact me:

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